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"Godinha Tavares family with fixed residence in Peniche"

Henrique de Araujo Tavares, born in Peniche, moved very early to the city ​​of Pará, in the then called Republic of the United States of Brazil, looking to improve his financial situation. He remained there for a few years, having returned with some fortune means in the third quarter of the nineteenth century, then married to Dona Firminiana Augusto Lopes Tavares.

As a result of the mentioned matrimonial union a child was born in 1858 , Isabel Godinha Maria Tavares. Soon, Henrique de Araujo Tavares arranged the construction of a noble house, with a large number of rooms (usual at the time for buildings made by immigrants from Brazil), in Passeio street, currently Alexandre Herculano street with the main front turned to the Municipal Principal Gardens, confronting the rear to Casal street, currently Dom Luis Athaíde street, that was the main route and link between Peniche's downtown and uptown. It was a sunny property with great proportions and three floor and a porthole in a headspace, called dormer.

The building was divided by 16 rooms on the top floor, which included a prayer space, dedicated to the Virgin Mother of God, with private chaplain to the liturgical celebrations and with special authorization from the Clerical Central Power. Dependencies downstairs included a mill, barns, cellars, several storage spaces for agricultural implements and horse stables. At that time, it was a very appreciated building throughout all its interior spaces, being the chapel the one that gave it all its splendor.

The righful heiress, Dona Isabel Maria Godinha Tavares, being in the marital status of single, passed this property to her second nieces Maria Teresa Tavares Frei Bonifacio Andrade da Silva and Maria do Carmo Tavares Frei Andrade Bonifacio da Silva. In the first years of the XXI century, the heirs conducted the sale of the house in question to the current owner Americo Vitorino, which was already resident in Peniche.